Applications of nanotechnology

Application fields nanotechnology and Game-Changing benefits

Applications of Nanotechnology and Game-changing benefits originate from the use of nanotechnology-enabled materials, processes and systems. The kind and magnitude of benefits largely depend upon every single application of nanotechnology to specific circumstances and sectors. In fact, nanotechnology application fields encompass a multitude of applications. Nanotechnology is set to disrupt the old way of dealing with materials thanks to enhanced specific properties which introduce new applications by dramatically increasing performance with cost effective and easy-to-install products.

Applications of nanotechnology


HTF Compact can be used in a broad spectrum of industries where a hydronic closed system is present: Data Centers, Energy Storage, Hotels and Resorts, Chemical Industry, Oil&Gas, Solar Energy, Wind Power, etc.

Applications of Nanotechnology: HVAC industry

Future energy savings of up to 20% are predicted in hvac systems with the application of advanced nanotechnologies. The technologies used will address the heat exchanger efficiency on both the air- and liquid side of heat exchangers such as condensers/evaporators and on heat recovery systems. The project will also address the heat transport system to ensure high efficiency throughout the HVAC system.

Applications of Nanotechnology: Energy Industry

Energy and Nanotechnology is used to develop better batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, with improved energy density, charge and discharge efficiency, and cycle life. Fuel Cells: Nanotechnology is used to develop more durable and efficient fuel cells, which can convert hydrogen fuel into electricity.

Applications of Nanotechnology: Agriculture Industry

Multiple applications of nanotechnology exist in agriculture including wastewater treatment for example our project: DEMETRA : The research project, winner of the regional call INNOLABS, involves companies, spin-off and research entities, well distributed on the territory and with renowned experience in the field.

Applications of Nanotechnology: Food and beverage

TCT Nanotech and HTF Compact has realized savings due to optimization of chilled water set-point done after the first month of operations, the introduction of the technology  HTF Compact delivered optimization of the chilled water set-point with an average 23.8% net  energy savings.

Applications of Nanotechnology: Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry

Our novelty product is able to impact performance on any closed loop heat transfer system by means of lowering the time to achieve defined temperature set points and allowing equipment to operate with extended capacity. This has demonstrated to be specially important in these days cost pressure regarding expansions or debottlenecking of existing systems.

Applications of Nanotechnology: Data Center

TCT Nanotech and HTF Compact can be installed at Data Centers cooling system. In particular, HTF Compact delivers substantial improvement of the efficiency of such high reliability systems and ensures an efficient and smooth operation.