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Our department of Research & Development on nanotechnology can count on a multidisciplinary team with expertise in thermodynamicschemistry, physics and analytics. Our team constantly keep updated with latest global research findings thanks to the relationship with universities and research centers. We are very attentive at respecting the environment as our objective is to provide products that can reduce wastes and optimize performance so to consume less and save money. TCT NANOTECH has participated to several events and national and international research projects and has produced several international patents over the years, about nanotechnology and its many applications.

HYSY-Multi-phase modelling of nanofluid HYdronic System

We are proud to announce that TCT NANOTECH is the winner of the HYSY-Multi-phase modeling of nanofluid HYdronic SYstem PROJECT, an EU project selected for funding in the 2nd open call of the FF4EUROHPC project.
This project aims to adapt multiphase numerical models to optimize the design and manufacturing process of nanofluids, maximizing heat exchange in the systems developed by TCT NANOTECH and minimizing the high production costs and difficulties in the preparation of stable nanofluids. This result will be achieved by exploiting the high performance computing platform (HPC).
In this project, we are Project Leaders and aim to bring simulation based on supercomputing to common corporate use, thanks to the support of CETMA and CINECA.


The research project, winner of the regional call INNONETWORK, involves companies, spin-off and research entities, well distributed on the territory and with renowned experience in the field.

This project uses nanotechnology to address one of the most relevant problems in our contemporary world: water depuration from the, increasingly abundant, organic pollutants that can pose a hazard for human’s health and for the environment. The aim of this project is to synthetize nanoparticles with high photocatalytic activity, immobilize them onto a substrate and consequently project and characterize prototype photocatalytic systems to integrate on pilot abatement systems for prioritized and emerging organic pollutants in different kind of water (contaminated groundwater, urban wastewater, industrial wastewater). The titanium oxide is a semiconductor material, vastly studied in literature, which in the photocatalysis process, if exposed to UV light, generates in water active species that degrade organic molecules. These active species generate on the material surface, therefore using this material in shape of nanoparticles allows a higher surface area and consequently a high photocatalytic efficiency.

In the framework of this project, TCT NANOTECH is in charge mainly of the scale-up of the synthesis process of photocatalytic TiO2 nanoparticles for lab scale to pilot scale.


The research project, winner of the regional call INNOLABS, involves companies, spin-off and research entities, well distributed on the territory and with renowned experience in the field. This project deals with an extremely relevant problem for our land, Apulia Region, that has been heavily damaged by Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (CoDiRO), caused by the diffusion among olives of the pathogen Xylella fastidiosa. In order to counter this pathogen, in the framework of this project, two different and parallel strategies are being adopted:

  • Validation of an official methodology for early diagnosis of X. fastidiosa, to detect its presence from the early stages of the disease; the approached used for early diagnosis is metabolomics, i.e. the study of small molecules expressed by the target pathogen or the plant itself following the trigger of the defense reaction.
  • Experimentation of nano-formulations of fertilizers and phytodrugs anti-X. fastidiosa; the aim is to obtain pyto-therapeutics protocols for CoDiRO characterized by application of nano-structured products with high bioavailability, controlled release over time, high efficiency and low environmental impact.

TCT NANOTECH operates, as project leader, mainly following the last strategy. We handle the scale-up of the synthesis process of the nano-formulation, that involves the loading of the phyto-drug into the CaCO3 nano-carrier, and its stabilization.

International patents

Research and development – TCT NANOTECH

Why we are different than others

Our Team is the foundation of TCT nanotech

  • Plant and methodology for nano-particles production

This patented technology refers to the generation of metal oxide nanoparticles with specific composition, size and morphology. Definition of morphology and dimensions of metal oxide nanoparticles is achieved by controlling the process conditions and particularly pressure, temperature and residence time of the reagents in the system step by step. The plant is able to produce on industrial scale metal oxide nanoparticles such as Nano Copper Oxide [CuO], Nano Cerium oxide [CeO2], Nano Titanium Oxide [TiO2], Nano Aluminium Oxide [Al2O3] and Nano Zinc Oxide [ZnO]. The nanoparticles obtained have size less than 20 nm and are used as anticorrosive, thermo conductive, photo catalytic and thermo catalytic additives.

  • High performance heat transfer nanofluid

High Performing Heat Transfer Fluids (HHTFs) are the nanofluids where small size metal oxide particles are used to increase the thermal conductivity of the base fluid. Nanofluids contain metal oxide particles in suspension inside conventional fluids. Nanofluids developed and formulated by TCT NANOTECH are characterized by high heat transfer capability and suspension stability due to the optimized morphology, crystal phase, dimensions and concentration of the nanoparticles as related to the patented formulation.

  • Plant for cultivation of marine plants

This invention refers to a system for artificial cultivation of marine plants. It’s a closed hydraulic system simulating proper environmental conditions for the growth of marine plants (such as “Posidonia Oceanica”) and algae to protect the marine environment and to be employed for pharmaceutical and cosmetic usages. The optimal environmental conditions are controlled by a monitoring system. Specifically, the luminosity intensity, duration and distribution, the temperature of the salty water, the water waves reproduction and the sand bulk are monitored and adjusted to achieve a fast growth of leaves and roots and a better plants anchorage.

  • Plant and methodology for production of “PENEIDI SHRIMPS”

Development and optimization of a technology that allows the breeding of marine animals with population and reproduction rate. The system is made of a purification system for water in a closed system obtaining a production of 16tons/10000m2. The optimal environmental conditions are controlled by an ad-hoc monitoring system where luminosity intensity, duration and distribution and water temperature are specifically adjusted for the best growing and reproduction rate of the animals.

Trade fairs and events

At ECOMONDO 2016 – Rimini (Italy), TCT received the “Award for Sustainable Development” with the project HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) Compact where a nanofluid has been developed in order to increase the efficiency of industrial and residential hydronic systems. HTF Compact added to heat transfer fluids increases their efficiency in heat transfer. Among the possible uses, HTF compact includes the recovering of heat in co-generation plants and geothermal/solar thermal installations.

  • Nanoinnovation 2019 – ROME, ITALY
  • 20th ECOMONDO – The Green Technologies Expo – RIMINI, ITALY
  • National Conference Innovation and Top Technology – BARI, ITALY
  • 79th Trade Fair “Fiera del Levante” – BARI, ITALY
  • Conference on Entrepreneurship by Confindustria Brindisi and Bari-BAT – BRINDISI, ITALY
  • SMART PUGLIA for Internationalization, Innovation, Education – BARI, ITALY
  • National Conference Innovation and Top Technology – BARI, ITALY
  • 27th CIMAC – World Congress on Combustion Engine Technology – SHANGHAI, CHINA
  • Conference “The Smart Grids Opportunity for the Italian Industry” – ROME, ITALY
  • Open Day Green Business Innovation – BARI, ITALY
  • Conference about Ecologically equipped Production Areas in Puglia – BARI, ITALY
  • NANOTECH ITALY International Showcase for Nanotechnologies – VENEZIA, ITALY
  • MIT Europe Energy Conference – ROME, ITALY
  • National Day of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Materials and New Productions – ROME, ITALY
  • Conference for Presentation of S.T.A.R.T. project results – Posidonia Oceanica Project – BARI, ITALY
  • Conference “Research and Innovation: Incentives for Growth” – BRINDISI, ITALY