Nanotechnology Enables New Efficiencies

Implementation of nanotechnology into new applications and processes allows system performance optimization. TCT NANOTECH offers a number of patented process solutions.
Nanotechnology deals with the manipulation of matter down to atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale within the range of 1 – 100 nanometers. Implementation of nanotechnology into new applications and processes allows system performance optimization, waste and cost reduction by means of enhanced chemical reactions without compromising environmental aspects.

Nanotechnology Benefits

Nanotechnology brings important mechanical effects to the reference material, which ultimately make our solutions suitable for a variety of potential applications in many different fields (including agriculture, hvac-r, energy, construction, cosmetics, information technology, medicine, transportation, food and environmental science; among many others). Nanotechnology benefits are game-changing and depend upon every specific application. Nanoparticles and nanofluids are increasingly used in catalysis to boost chemical reactions. This reduces the quantity of catalytic materials necessary to produce desired results, saving money and reducing pollutants. Every application of nanotechnology brings unique benefits and our products generally bring multiple enhancements to materials, industrial processes and equipment, including:

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Nanotechnology Solutions


After more than 15 years of nanotechnology research in collaboration with universities and research centers, TCT NANOTECH is able to offer you a variety of nanotechnology solutions with applications that deliver both expected and unexpected benefits.

TCT NANOTECH produces and manipulate high-quality nano-particles that can be employed in many different fields for many applications. By manipulating matter on a nano scale, we operate the synthesis of nanopowders which are offered as easily installable high-performance nanofluids. Our high-purity products are manufactured by using analytically pure chemical reagent as raw materials, and washed with distilled water.

We have two different product categories: NANOFLUIDS and NANOPARTICLES.

The power of nanotechnology is impressive but not yet fully exploited. The applications can range from water depuration treatments to paintings able to absorb pollutants, liquids able to dramatically enhance their chemical reactions simply by adding a small additive and materials with enhanced specific properties.

TCT Nanotech can also offer a LICENSE AGREEMENT to enable the local production of nanoparticles and nanofluids with our internationally patented production processes.

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