Agro-drug / nano agrochemical

Agro-drug / nano agrochemical

In recent years, there has been a substantial spread of pathogens in plants, causing serious economic damage to agriculture. So it was necessary to focus on project proposals to test new environmental technologies that go in the direction to solving these type of environmental damages.

TCT NANOTEH intervenes in the agrochemical sector with the aim of creating a nano agro-drug capable of countering the pathogen Xylella fastidiosa, guilty of the rapid desiccation and death of the olive trees, a problem of extreme importance for our land, region Puglia in Italy.

For this reason, TCT NANOTECH takes the lead in the DEMETRA project (winner of the regional call INNOLABS) with the collaboration of spin-off companies and research center with proven experience in the field. Our company has mainly dealt with the latest approach, taking care to carry out the scale-up of the nano-formulated loading process and stabilization of it to be used directly to the plant.

This is a proof of the countless applications of nanotechnology in Italy and Globally  and its consequent benefits.

TCT NANOTECH is once again a main player in innovation, able to understand and develop nanotechnologies to create products that are the result of the use of nanotechnologies strength to solve big issues to the environment.

Just as we were able to use nanomaterials and nanotechnologies to create an agro-drug, in the same manner, nanotechnologies can be used in a variety of sectors like nanotechnologies for energy efficiency, biological nanotechnology, cosmetics, nanotechnology in textiles, nanotechnology paints and much more.