At TCT NANOTECH we consider innovation as the only way for human evolution to overcome well known challenges. At TCT Nanotech we firmly believe our mission is to make everyone able to access the huge benefits nanotechnology applications can bring to the world. As we know nanotechnology is a science field in constant evolution, we are glad to make available our know-how to assist you during the entire innovation process.

In 2003 TCT made a bold move into nanotechnology applications, we got inspired by the innovation that these technologies can bring into so many different areas of our lives. Since then, we have created a unique set of expertise and a wide set of applications developed internally to create a more sustainable world for future generations.


Nanotechnology brings important mechanical effects to the reference material, which ultimately make our solutions suitable for a variety of potential applications in many different fields agriculture, hvac-r, energy, cosmetics...


Originate from the use of nanotechnology-enabled materials, processes and systems. The kind and magnitude of benefits largely depend upon every single application of nanotechnology to specific circumstances and sectors. ...

Our Solutions

After more than 7 years of nanoscience research in collaboration with universities and research centers, TCT NANOTECH is able to offer you a variety of nanotechnology solutions...


Our Research & Development nanotechnology research department can count on a multidisciplinary team with expertise in thermodynamics, chemistry, physics and analytics...

HTF Compact ® Nanofluids

HTF Compact comprises a High-End patent protected formulation which improves heat transfer in hydronic systems. It rearranges the molecular structure of the fluid improving the heat transfer rate. The presence of nanoparticles enhances the thermal conductivity of the nanofluid due to a better interaction within the heat transfer regions through a micro convection mechanism (Brownian motion) of nanoparticles in the coolant. Because of this increase in heat transfer, HTF Compact enables the heat to be transferred faster and more efficiently, improving energy efficiency by up to 30% in broad applications such as HVAC or boiler systems.

HTF Compact can be used in a broad spectrum of industries where a hydronic closed system is present: Data Centers, Energy Storage, Hotels and Resorts, Chemical Industry, Oil&Gas, Solar Energy, Wind Power, etc.

Worldwide Energy Consumption

Worldwide Energy Consumption will increase by 56% between 2010 and 2040. By 2040 fossil fuels will match 80% of global energy demand, substantially increasing CO2 emissions.

Today water is regarded

Today water is regarded as an effective heat transfer fluid, the addition of additives, (i.e. glycols) to overcome system requirements like freezing protection, causes a reduced heat load being transfer.


Increasing space and layout limitations at existing systems require to move into optimized process solutions.

Increasing energy costs

Increasing energy costs and investment constraints in efficient solutions with longer payback schemes.

Research and Development

Our department of Research & Development on nanotechnology can count on a multidisciplinary team with expertise in thermodynamics, chemistry, physics and analytics. Our team constantly keep updated with latest global research findings thanks to the relationship with universities and research centers. We are very attentive at respecting the environment as our objective is to provide products that can reduce wastes and optimize performance so to consume less and save money.

TCT NANOTECH has participated to several events and national and international research projects and has produced several international patents over the years, about nanotechnology and its many applications.


TCT NANOTECH production plant is in Brindisi, Italy. Our production plant is certified under ISO 9001 which guarantees the quality of our operations as well as the consistency of our products following final customers quality requirements.

TCT NANOTECH holds a patented system for generating nanoparticles of metal oxide with size of 7 nanometers and controlled morphology. The industrial process has been developed starting from chemical and scientific literature and it is registered under four international patents related to advances in nanotechnology research. Nanoparticles of metal oxide are widely used materials in many different fields for several applications. In fact they can be used as catalysts and photo-catalysts, superconducting materials, thermoelectric and sensing materials.

The chemical reactions occur by combining raw materials in a property designed chemical reactor which was fully developed on the base of the thermodynamics needs of the reaction system. The invention refers to the generation of nanoparticles of metal oxides. The plant can produce nanoparticles of Copper Oxide, Cerium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide with specific composition, size and morphology. Our team further manipulates chemically and mechanically the nanoparticles to obtain our ready to be used high performance nanofluids.